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Brief Story About me

Best Lawyer in Kurukshetra

About Vishal Saini Advocate

An innovative lawyer, with a Legum Magister degree in law and a passion for bringing justice for my clients throughout the world yet the practical experience of cases.

I have about 10 years + of experience in the field of law working as an advocate, Social worker and working for national and international clients.

I have completed my master’s in the field of law from Kurukshetra University.   I have won awards in several prestigious competitions my early schooling was from D.A.V Public School, Delhi.

I was Appointed as OATH COMMISSIONER By Hon’ble Punjab and Haryana High Court. So my name was published in Official Gazette. I am a criminal lawyer currently practising in District and Session Courts Kurukshetra, Haryana, India. But I am serving clients from all parts of India for the past many years. 

 I have experience in defending clients at the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India,  Hon’ble Punjab and Haryana High-Court & District & Session Courts,  against all types of crime like:- Assault (U/s 351 of Indian Penal Code,1860), violence (U/s153,295,295A,505 of IPC ), homicide (U/s299 of  IPC), drug-related offenses (NDPS, ACT), sexual offences (U/s 292,294,354,370,371,372,376,377 of IPC), organized crimes (U/s 120B of IPC), weapons offenses (offenses under The Arms Act 1959), driving offenses (offenses under provisions of Motor Vehicle Act 1988), robbery (U/s 392 of IPC), fraud (U/s 421 of IPC and Indian Contract Act,1872 respectively), crimes of dishonesty (Including Dishonesty as defined U/s 24 of IPC), and all other types of criminal offenses. 

Our first aim is to get Bail for our clients. After that, we continue with the trial. Feel Free to Call Us Now 99911 88899

I believe that every single accused has the right to get a fair & speedy trial. 

I run far more contested trials with different legal issues that are different than most of the local defence counsel which gives him an edge over other lawyers practising in Kurukshetra. In comparison to different legal advisors, he follows an unmistakable cycle while helping customers by guaranteeing that they comprehend the extent of what can be normal from a case rather than simply making dubious verbal guarantees. Regardless of how complex a case, his sole centre is to speak to his customers to the best of his abilities.

So that Clients will get the Best Result. Our clients will consistently find me shielding them tenaciously to secure them and their privileges.

When I am not working, I spend my time fulfilling and relaxing pursuits such as reading, painting, and hiking. scuba diving

I try to put my “BEST” for my clients.

I enjoy connecting with people throughout the world so that I can use my legal knowledge to fight against injustice, wrong help people and get “JUSTICE” delivered for them. I am also acting as an advocate for clients in India and as a legal advisor abroad. I have knowledge of Indian laws and the laws of the United States of America. I also helped many clients to fight against ACS. so send me a quick email and we can take it from there.




MY Philosophy

For me, Success means satisfied clients.  


Our Principle

A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy with my whole heart.



To Provide free legal aid to needy people ( Below Poverty Line) to the ones who cant even afford basic things like food, clothing, shelter. So Justice will be not just a “WORD” for them and they will be not afraid of court long,time consuming procedures

what we are expert at

Why Clients Choose Us?



Law, by its nature, is not static, but dynamic. So the same way I  keep our clients updated with the help of the latest technology. So that they don’t have to remember the long dates in their cases and as a result, they can live a tension free life.

Clients can also download e-courts applications for the same. I let my client know how to use technology for their benefits.



What is most important is “TRUST”. With me, Privacy is guaranteed. Your documents and information are 100% confidential. You can share any information related to the case it will be confidential. 

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Vishal Saini is owner of saini-lawfirm

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you get for your attorney’s fee ?

The fees depend upon case to case. It’s not the same in every case.

It may depend upon various factors like :

  1. How complex the case is
  2. How much time it will take
  3.  and the relief claimed.

( However these are not same in every case)

How much You charge for legal Notice ?

Charges for legal notice are not fixed it also depends from case to case.  

Since the legal notice is very important in a legal dispute since around 30% of disputes are solved by notice itself there is not even a requirment of the case.

Many of my clients got solutions from legal notice itself

The entire story of the case is based upon this legal notice

What information do you need from me in order to get started?

I need all information from A TO Z about detailed facts and circumstances that happened related to a particular case

What types of injury cases does you work on ?

We work on every type of injury case its personal or others.

What is my personal injury or insurance claim worth?

It depends upon your policy request a review from us

On average, how long does it take before a settlement/trial is reached?

Time is different for each and every case some cases are solved by legal notice itself in 1 day – 7 days while others takes years in court.

Are you looking for someone to help?

Let us help you! Call Now : +91-9991188899

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