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Legal Practice Areas


Criminal Law

I have experience in criminal cases. No matter how big that crime is the experience always helps


Corporate & Securities LAW

We can provide corporate governance, helping clients manage the responsibilities of running a corporation in financial field.


Real Estate Law

We provide the right advice in case of dispute related to the real state if someone has cheated you in a property manner. We have lot of experience in this field


Health Care Law

It’s painful when there is negligence from the side of doctors. The ultimate option individual has is to sue them before courts.



We also deal with NDPS cases. You may contact us for further information


Ecommerce Law

In the electronic era. Some of the consumers are cheated online. But you don’t have to worry.  The consumer provides you the power to sue these companies.


Matrimonial Disputes

There are many disputes related to marriage with the help of a legal advisor/advocate such disputes can be more efficiently


Insurance Law

When it comes to claiming policy lots of policy givers refuses to give compensation that directly falls under unfair trade practice. 


Lending Law

We also know the loopholes of lending law.

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