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About Me

I am an innovative lawyer with a Legum Magister degree in law and a passion for bringing justice to my clients around the world. I have practical experience in handling cases. With over 10 years of experience in the field of law, I have worked with both national and international clients. To contact me, please call +91 9991188899

I completed my master’s in the field of law from Kurukshetra University. I have won awards in several prestigious competitions, and my early schooling was at D.A.V Public School, Delhi.

When I am not working, I spend my time pursuing relaxing activities such as reading, painting, hiking, and scuba diving.

I enjoy connecting with people worldwide so that I can use my legal knowledge to fight against injustice, help people, and ensure “JUSTICE” is delivered for them. I also act as an advocate for clients in India and as a legal advisor abroad. I have knowledge of Indian laws and the laws of the United States of America.

Additionally, I have assisted many clients in fighting against ACS.Feel free to send me a quick email at [email protected] , So we can take it from there.



11Vishal Saini Advocate, Best Lawyer in Kurukshetra, haryana
what we are expert at

Legal Practice Areas



I have experience in criminal cases. No matter how big that crime is the experience always helps



There are many disputes related to marriage with the help of a legal advisor/advocate such disputes can be more efficiently 



The cases related to civil law takes more time but our preference is to do fast as we can by adopting the latest technology “using E-service of summons”. Etc


Insurance Law

Insurance claims take more time. Insurance service providers use to take benefit from loopholes and try to cheat common men by selling ambiguous policies. With help of advocate you can know about your rights



Right now there is consumer awareness in minds of people as compared to early 2001-2010. Now consumer is aware but still their is need of more.



We also do miscellaneous matters related to Documentation work,legal notices, the release of property.. etc

what we are expert at

Why Clients Choose Us?



Law, by its nature, is not static, but dynamic. So the same way I  keep our clients updated with the help of the latest technology. So that they don’t have to remember the long dates in their cases and as a result, they can live a tension free life.

Clients can also download e-courts applications for the same. I let my client know how to use technology for their benefits.


What is most important is “TRUST”. With me, Privacy is guaranteed. Your documents and information are 100% confidential. You can share any information related to the case it will be confidential.


Free Consultation

Law is complicate matter. It can cause you a big problem
if you ignore it. Let us help you!

    We serve the service that you need

    1. My aim is to make things easier for common people to get information in a way that they can understand
    2. Provides People with information, support, and services to help them make choices.
    3. Helps them to choose what they want to do
    4. Helps the Common man community’s voice to be heard
    5. Enables the community to work towards solving problems

    10 Years of experience

    In legal field what matters is experience and application of that knowledge of law



    We keep the information of our clients private.


    Legal Protection

    We also deal with legal protection matters including any type of emergency protective orders, temporary restraining orders, and permanent restraining orders.


    Words From Clients


      Vishal Saini has good experience and doing a good job and he is the finest lawyer in my experience he is the best on Kurukshetra…



      Rohit Jain
      Owner of shubham trading Company
    • Ankit singh states that Vishal Saini is the best lawyer in haryana and he is one of best advocate in India

      Ankit Singh
      Financial advisor and a Businessman
    • great lawyer he helped me to win a civil dispute of family property 

      Neha Arrora
    • Professionally involved in my case and with clear communication throughout the time, the advocate took a lot of stress out of our situation. I feel confident saying I highly recommended this advocate

      Stella Carbajal
      From New York
    • He is a Very professional Lawyer.  Very Good knowledge in the legal field

      Dr. Isha Garg
      Pulmonologist (MBBS,MD,Pursuing DM from AIIMS JODHPUR)
    see my some of famous cases

    Famous Cases

    • 11Child CustodyIn this case, the wife was having custody of the child and husband was our client and he needs custody and visiting rights of his child aged about 7 years. When marriage is running smoothly there are no issues regarding child custody since both parents are having custody of the child but when things go […]
    • 11Candy baba Advocate Vishal SainiCandy Baba Case / facing criminal case charges is most painful for every person whether he/she is a working man or businessman.  The problem with common men is they don’t know what law is. But we have a solution via our legal experts. So that criminal cases won’t be much stressful for you and you will know about what […]
    • 11Medical Negligence / facing medical negligence charges is most stressful for medical practitioners/Doctor life. But we have a solution via our experts. So that medical negligence won’t be much stressful at all. you will know about what law is exactly and how you can defend yourself in such a case and win the disputes on the basis of […]
    • 11Famous Molestation CaseIn this case, a female was harassed by a police officer. In Rajasthan, lots of protests were made by people but nothing happened ultimately that female approached us and we helped her to register FIR against such an officer. If the women in the country are subjected to harassment then how can our sisters remain […]

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