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Child Custody

A study of Custody Case

In this case, the wife was having custody of the child and husband was our client and he needs custody and visiting rights of his child aged about 7 years. When marriage is running smoothly there are no issues regarding child custody since both parents are having custody of the child but when things go towards a divorce it becomes more complicated for courts to decide the custody of the child. Since children’s interests are to be considered to get custody of child decided by the courts.

Best Advocate Child For Custody in Kurukshetra


About This Case

Vishal Saini is Advocate in case titled as pawan vs Neelam. Here Main issue was the child was of around 7 years of age and was with mother and the father wants custody as well as visiting rights of the child.
Type of caseFamily Court Case
Time Frame1.2 years
AdvocateVishal Saini
Current StatusVisiting Rights granted to father but case is pending

Here the child was 7 years of age and was living with their mother. The child’s Father was my client. Usually, courts don’t give custody of 7 years of age (to the father).

But we ultimately proved facts in our favour and visiting rights granted to father.


Challenge was basically the guardianship act itself.  But however after finding loopholes in the act for my client I used the act itself to get Visting rights for his child.

Our Basic Process

1. Planning The Case

Every process begins with planning and we are not an exception to it. Our process is simple we first make planning legally what to do in the whole trial.

2. Evaluate Situation

Then the current situation is being evaluated after Step 1. Since the law is dynamic it never remains the same it keeps developing we figure out what law is beneficial for our client.

3. File The Case To The Court

After having deep conversations with clients and after settling the payment the case is filed before the court. If its criminal matter we prefer to go for FIR first.

4. Gather More Information

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The result may vary from case to case. But all I can guarantee is I will do my best for my clients .

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