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Car Accident Case

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About This Case

Their was Car Accident . The accused approached us. The Opposite party was demanding 1 Crore INR compensation that almost equals to 1,31,792. 50 USD $. But the accused was not ready to pay that much compensation
Criminal LawAccidental case
Time Frame5 Months
Lega ExpertVishal Saini

Application of legal mind helped our client to save almost 90 lakhs INR. final settlement was made in 750000 INR which is equal to almost 9884.45 USD $.

Amount saved  by clients 90k$

We aim to protect interest of our client .


The challenge here was the opposite party was demanding unreasonable money .

  • Planning
  • Action on Planning
  • Preparing the defense
  • Solution

Our Basic Process

1. Planning The Case

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2. Evaluate Situation

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3. File The Case To The Court

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4. Gather More Information

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