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Court Orders
11Do I Need a Lawyer for Stalking Case
In this article we have explained Do I Need a Lawyer for Stalking Case. Introduction In India, stalking is a criminal offense covered under Section 354D of the Indian Penal Code. Stalking involves the act of following, contacting, or attempting to establish contact with someone against their will, leading to a fear of violence or...
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11Process of Claiming Maintenance in Marital Discord in India
This article is about Process Of Claiming Maintenance In Marital Discord In India Introduction: Understanding Marital Maintenance in India Marital discord in India, like in many other countries, often leads to complex legal proceedings, especially when it comes to claiming maintenance. Maintenance, also known as alimony or spousal support, is a legal obligation on a...
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11How To Seek Maintenance in A Contested Divorce in India
This article is about how to seek maintenance in a contested divorce in India Introduction: Understanding Maintenance in a Contested Divorce Divorce can be a challenging process, especially when it is contested. In India, the issue of maintenance or financial support during and after divorce proceedings plays a crucial role. This article aims to guide...
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