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Legal Document
11Is a Text Message a Legal Document?
Many people are questioning whether a text message qualifies as a legal document. In the digital age, where communication has undergone a revolution to fit into the palm of our hand, the legal implications of text messages have sparked considerable debate. As Vishal Saini, an advocate, I aim to clarify in this article whether text...
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11Role of Forensic Evidence in Murder Trials
In this article we have discussed Role of Forensic Evidence in Murder Trials.In today’s world, solving crimes, especially murder cases, relies heavily on the evidence collected from the crime scene. Among these, forensic evidence stands out for its ability to link the dots in complex scenarios, making it a cornerstone in murder trials under Indian...
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11How to Draft a Special Power of Attorney
In this article we have explained How to Draft a Special Power of Attorney. As drafting a Special Power of Attorney (SPA) is an essential process in Indian law, allowing an individual (the principal) to grant another person (the agent) the power to act on their behalf for specific tasks. This article guides you through...
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11Contracts: Essential Elements and Common Mistakes
In this article we have explained about contracts. As contracts are the backbone of legal and business transactions in India, ensuring that parties involved in an agreement adhere to their commitments. Understanding the essential elements and common mistakes can save individuals and businesses from potential disputes and financial losses. This article simplifies these concepts, aligning...
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