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Tenant Rights
11Rights Regarding Security Deposit Return
In this article we have discussed about Rights Regarding Security Deposit Return Introduction to Security Deposit in Rental Agreements In India, when you rent a house, the landlord often asks for a security deposit. This is money you give to your landlord before you move in. It’s like a safety net for the landlord in...
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11Legal Options For Tenants Facing Unlawful Eviction Practices
Introduction In the complex landscape of tenant-landlord relationships in India, the issue of unlawful evictions stands out as a significant challenge. Unlawful eviction refers to the practice of forcefully removing tenants from their rented accommodations without following the due process of law. This article aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the legal options available...
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11Can I sue my landlord for a noisy neighbor
Noisy Neighbor Lawsuit? Navigating the legal options for peace and quiet. When your apartment turns into a cacophony, who’s responsible? Living in close quarters comes with its perks, but loud neighbors can turn your dream home into a daily sonic nightmare. Before blasting heavy metal at your landlord’s door, though, let’s explore your legal options...
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