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Marriage is the sole foundation of our society Hindu marriage is considered a religious sacrament because marriage becomes valid only when rituals and ceremonies are performed. The wife is also called Ardhangini which is known as half of man. The Hindu Marriage binds people and families together. In Hinduism marriage is not just about two people living together its about two families living together Many turns out to be loving and successful marriages, while some can be terrifying and difficult as well.  Its Society makes it hard for Indian women to speak or take action against marital injustices and to stand for their rights if they happen to face any. It is very important for a married woman to be aware of her legal rights. Hence, I bring to you a detailed list of legal rights that a married woman is entitled to have.

Rights of Married women

In India, married women have several rights that are protected by law. These rights include the right to:-

  1. Equal treatment: Under the Indian Constitution, all citizens, including married women, have the right to be treated equally. This means that a married woman has the same rights as her husband, and cannot be discriminated against on the basis of her gender.
  2. Own property: A married woman has the right to own and inherit property, both movable and immovable. She also has the right to sell, gift, or transfer her property as she sees fit.
  3. Maintenance: If a married woman is unable to maintain herself financially, she has the right to seek maintenance from her husband. This includes a reasonable amount of money for her basic needs, such as food, clothing, and shelter. Read this article if  your husband not paying maintenance
  4. Protection from domestic violence: Under the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act (2005), a married woman has the right to be protected from physical, emotional, and economic abuse by her husband or his family.
  5. Right to divorce: A married woman has the right to seek a divorce if her marriage is unhappy or if her husband has mistreated her. The grounds for divorce in India include cruelty, desertion, and adultery. there are two kinds of divorce a) Mutual Divorce, and b) Contested divorce. Read this article about divorce
  6. Right to adoption: A married woman has the right to adopt a child, either on her own or with her husband.
  7. Right to work: A married woman has the right to work and pursue a career if she chooses. She cannot be prevented from working by her husband or his family.
  8. The right to the matrimonial home: A wife/ married woman has the legal right to stay in the matrimonial home even after the death of her husband. Only 1 option is available with In-laws is to file suit for eviction to remove the wife from the matrimonial home.
  9. Right to recover her Stree Dhan: A married woman has complete rights to her Stree Dhan/jewelry. Withholding Stree Dhan of the wife also amounts to cruelty and the wife can easily get a divorce.
  10. Right regarding custody of children:A married woman has full right over custody and she can claim custody from the court.
  11. Right to File FIR:-If any of you are hurt and you are harassed by your husband/their family member then you can file FIR on them.

Overall, the rights of married women in India have improved significantly in recent years, thanks to the efforts of the government and various women’s rights organizations. However, there is still a long way to go in terms of ensuring that these rights are fully respected and protected in practice.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What to do if my rights are violated or you are hurt?

-> You should launch FIR and talk to your legal advisor

2. Can I get a divorce without contacting a lawyer?

-> No, you need to Contact a Divorce lawyer in your area so that you can tell the court that you are a cheated and neglected wife. So your lawyer will file a complaint in court regarding the violated right and you will get a divorce.

3.  How can I contact you?

-> You can call me at +91-9991188899.  9:00 Am to 8:00 PM ( Mon-Sat)

4. What to do if your husband not giving you maintenance?

-> you can read this article 

5. How much time Divorce will take?

-> Mutual divorce usually takes 6 months and contested divorce around 1 year for more information you can read this article



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