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In this Article, Vishal Saini Advocate has explained How to file FIR online in Haryana?

A Criminal Lawyer Can help you to register FIR in Your case.

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You can file complaints online with the Haryana Police Department by using the department’s website. The FIR can be registered by using the method explained below. You can file an FIR without going to the police station and checking the status of the FIR online. There are only a few steps involved in registering a complaint with the Haryana Police. Please ensure that the information you are providing online is accurate and verify it before filing an online complaint. A false complaint is a punishable offense.

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What is FIR?

FIR stands for First Information Report. It is the first legal document that is filed by the police when a cognizable offense has been committed. FIR is a written document that is prepared by the police in order to register the crime and begin the investigation process.

An FIR is usually filed when the police receive complaints of cognizable offenses such as theft, murder, rape, etc. It is important to note that the police cannot register an FIR if the offense is non-cognizable. This means that if the police receive complaints of non-cognizable offenses, they will not be able to register an FIR, and the complaint will be dismissed.

In India, it is mandatory for the police to register an FIR in response to any complaint received. The police must record all the information related to the case in the FIR. This includes the details of the complainant, the accused, the time and place of occurrence, the details of the offense, any witnesses, etc. This information is essential for the police to properly investigate the case.

Once the FIR is registered, the police will begin the investigation process. This includes questioning the witnesses, collecting evidence, etc. The police can also arrest the accused if there is enough evidence. The case will then be sent to the court for trial and the accused may be acquitted or convicted based on the evidence presented.

It is important to remember that an FIR is the first step in the criminal justice system and it is necessary for the prosecution to prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt. Therefore, it is vitally important that you provide as much detail as possible in your FIR, to ensure the police have the best chance of catching the criminal. So, if you are ever a victim of a crime, make sure you file your FIR as soon as possible. The earlier the FIR is registered, the better the chances of the police catching the criminal.

Importance of FIR:-

The importance of FIR lies in the fact that it is the first step in the criminal justice process, as it sets the machinery of the criminal justice system in motion. An FIR is important because of it:

  1. Helps the police start an investigation into the alleged crime.
  2. Establishes the facts and circumstances surrounding the alleged crime.
  3. Provides a record for future reference, as the FIR is a crucial piece of evidence in court proceedings.
  4. Protects the rights of the victim or complainant, as it helps ensure that the alleged perpetrator is brought to justice.

How to file FIR online in Haryana?

Are you looking to file FIR online in Haryana? Or Any part of India?

In Haryana, India, it is possible to file a First Information Report (FIR) online through the Haryana Police’s e-FIR system. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to file an FIR online in Haryana:

In this blog, I will talk about How you can register FIR, How you can search FIR by FIR No, year, District, and police station.

Let’s begin with the procedure in detail by visiting the official website of the Haryana police, you can lodge a complaint with the Haryana Police Department online and that complaint can be converted into FIR. The steps listed here can be used to lodge an FIR in Haryana online and to search FIR by FIR No, year, District, and police station. Without visiting the police station, you can report a crime, check the status of the case online, and request an FIR search from the Haryana Police.

An online FIR in Haryana can be made to the Haryana Police Department in a few simple steps. Please make sure the information you’re providing is accurate and that you’ve double-checked it before submitting an online complaint. Making a false complaint is against the law and is a crime.

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What are the procedures that must be followed to submit an  FIR online in Haryana?

You can file for an FIR search with the Haryana Police in 2 minutes By following Easy Steps. The Haryana police utilize this information to reply as soon as possible to serious and valid complaints about any crimes or other horrific incidents that take place within the state’s borders. To submit an online FIR in Haryana, follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Visit the official website of the Haryana police (https://haryanapoliceonline.gov.in) in order to FILE an FIR Online.

Step 2: The next and most important step is to click on Citizen Services as explained in the below image:-

Citizen Services Haryana Police

Step 3: If you are a new user for FIR search Haryana police, you should next click on the “Complaint Registration” button, which is followed by the registration process.

User registration Haryana Police for FIR

Step 4: For registration, go to https://haryanapoliceonline.gov.in/SignUp.aspx?Mode=Q3JlYXRl.

 Complete all of the fields in this aforesaid link.

Personal Information:

  • First Name: Write your first name.
  • Last Name: Type your last name in the box provided on the website.
  • Gender: Choose yours from the drop-down menu.
  • Email Address: Please enter your email address.
  • Date of Birth: Please provide your birth date.
  • Write down your phone number.
  • Type of identification: Choose an ID proof type from the drop-down menu.
  • ID No.: Fill in the ID Proof No.


Fill in your contact information

From the drop-down menus, select a nation, state, and district.

Login Information

Select a security question from the provided list.

  • Type the 1st Security Response
  • From the drop-down option, select Security Question 2.
  • In the box, type Security Answer 2.
  • In the space provided, type a new login ID:
  • In the box, type a new password.
  • To confirm the password, re-type it again.

Step 5: Fill in the security code given their

Step 6: Press the “Submit” Button.

Now Congratulations you have done almost 60% of the Work.

Your registration with the Haryana Police Department is now complete. By visiting the website’s home page, you must now log in before you can file a complaint.

Step 7: From the following URL: https://haryanapoliceonline.gov.in/Login you can log in.

Step 8: Enter your login, password, and preferred language.

Step 9: Type in the security code that pops up on the screen.

Step 10: Click on Login.

Step 11: The Haryana Police website will now be open for you.

Step 12:Choosing Citizen Services

Step 13: Decide to register a complaint.

Step 14:  Submit the form along with any required documents.

Step 15:  Press the Submit key.

  • The Haryana Police Department website will now receive your complaint. An email will be used to acknowledge your submission. Online tracking is also available for your FIR in Haryana.

Steps to Search FIR by FIR No, year, District, and police station.

You may check the status of an Online FIR in Haryana on the Haryana police website. To check the status of an FIR search by the name Haryana, you’ll need to know the year, district, and police station where the complaint was filed. The rest of the information is optional. With three pieces of fundamental information, you may search for the FIR. To view FIR search Haryana police information, follow these procedures. As indicated in the image below, the official page of the Haryana Police will emerge.

Step A: You must visit the official website of Haryana Police to check the FIR Status search online.

Step B: Click on FIR Download (highlighted in the image below)

FIR Download Haryana Police

Step C: Select/Fill required details about the Year, (Year of FIR), District ( District in which FIR is registered), Police Station, and FIR Number

(Both the name of the police station and the district where the FIR was lodged must be entered.)

Step D: Next, select the Search button as shown in the image below:-

Search FIR Haryana Police

What services are available online through the Haryana Police portal?

  1. You can learn about persons who are missing people, most wanted people, accidents, unclaimed bodies, and more.
  2. Accident Statistics
  3. Information Act of 1978 (FOIA)
  4. How should a crime be reported best?
  5. recent news and happenings
  6. Learn about the laws that apply to private security companies.


You can submit a complaint to the police online by visiting the Haryana Police website. Check out the above-mentioned Online FIR Haryana method. For crimes that don’t need a trip to the police station, FIR Haryana online and status checking are accessible.

It is fairly easy to file a complaint with the Haryana Police. Please double-check the data you are entering before submitting a complaint online. False complaints are subject to legal sanctions.

Note:- It is important to note that the specific process for filing an FIR online in Haryana may change over time, so it is advisable to double-check the most up-to-date information on the Haryana Police website.

FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. How do I get FIR Copy?

You can visit the police department site of your state to get the FIR Copy. If you can’t get an FIR copy contact your lawyer he will help you to get the FIR copy.

Q. What is DDR?

A non-cognizable offense can also be reported to the police. This is registered in the DDR (daily diary register). After the crime has been so recorded, a signed and stamped copy of the DDR will be handed over to you or you can ask for a copy

Q. How can you contact me?

You can reach me at +91- 9991188899 for any kind of legal query.

Q. How to fight a false 498A Case

To fight the false 498A case you must:-

i) have all evidence to prove your wife wrong

ii) Also try to get Anticipatory bail first so that you don’t have tension to go into jail

iii) File a counter-complaint against 498A Case

iv) File a Defamation Suit in response to fraudulent 498A Case

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Q. How to find case details with the case number

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