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In this Article, Vishal Saini Advocate has explained How to find case details with case number

Finding case details with case numbers is a difficult task for common men. But after reading this article you will gain knowledge about How to find case details with a case number.

Before proceeding with the main article you need to know the type of case and case number concept

Every case has a case number. If your lawyer didn’t tell you the case number ask him the case number.

Type of case:-

Every case type has some beginning letters that make it distinct from other cases.

An example of the type of cases is as mentioned below:-

Type of case

As you can see from the aforesaid image there is many different letters or short forms used for different types of Act.

Case Number:-

Case number generally begins with TYPE OF CASE then filling Number and after the case Number year of the institution is mentioned.

For example, if your case Type is Civil Suit and your filling number is 1 and the year of the institution is 2022.

The Case Number will be CS/1/2022

How to find case details with the case number

Hon’ble High Courts of India and all courts with the National Informatics Centre (NIC) have set up E-court services for every individual in the country.

Here I  have explained in 5 easy steps How to find case details with the case number So that everyone can know about the status or orders in their case.

Step 1:-

Visit the Website of District E-Courts and select your state or union territory

Step 2:-

After selecting your state you will reach another page that will show the district in your state.

For example, if your state is Haryana next page will be like as mentioned below:-

Let’s say your District is Hisar (where a case has been filed on you or by you) so you will select Hisar District.

Step 3:-

After selecting your district you will reach the district court website of your district courts

There you have to click on Case status (given in the services tab on the right side)

As explained in the image below:-

Step 4:-

After Clicking Case status as mentioned in above said image many options will come to search

Such as mentioned below from there you have to select the “Case Number” Option

Step 5:-

After Selecting the case number new tab will open where you have to select the Court complex name Type of case and case number then the year of institution of the case.

Let’s take an example

If your Case court is District Court Hisar and the case type is a civil suit and the case number is 1 of 2022. So you will fill the tab as explained in the image mentioned below:-

search case District Courts Vishal Saini Advocate

at last, you have to enter the captcha and click on “GO”. Your case details will come up on the screen. Then you have to click on “view” to see your case details.

FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How to search a case with a CNR number?

A. Enter a 16-digit CNR Number on the E courts website without any hyphen or space. The demo image is given below:-

CNR NUMBER Case Search

B. Click the Search button to view the current status and history of the case

C. If you don’t know the CNR number of the case, click on the Case Status icon on the left menu to search the case with other options like case registration number, party name, advocate name, etc. As explained in STEP 3 of How to find case details with the case number.

2. How to file FIR online in Haryana?

Let’s begin with the procedure in detail by visiting the official website of the Haryana police, you can lodge a complaint with the Haryana Police Department online and that complaint can be converted into FIR. The steps listed here can be used to lodge an FIR in Haryana online and to search FIR by FIR No, year, District, and police station. Without visiting the police station, you can report a crime, check the status of the case online, and request an FIR search from the Haryana Police. Read How to file FIR online in Haryana? for more

3. How can you contact me?

You can reach me at +91- 9991188899 for any kind of legal query.

4. How to fight a false 498A Case

To fight the false 498A case you must:-

i) have all evidence to prove your wife wrong

ii) Also try to get Anticipatory bail first so that you don’t have tension to go into jail

iii) File a counter-complaint against 498A Case

iv) File a Defamation Suit in response to fraudulent 498A Case

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