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How to decide whether to divorce or not

In this article, Vishal Saini Advocate has explained “How to decide whether to divorce or not?”

These are the basic question that one person should ask themself. I do believe that this is the most important thing to consider, and I also hope that you all will agree with me after you have read it.

How to decide whether to divorce or not?

First of all, I will like to brief the entire question into synoptic answers. Mediation is always better than litigation and it’s always in the interest of the state as well as the parties that there shall be an end to litigation.

1. How to begin the process?

This is one of the most important questions that I ask the person who came and consult me regarding the divorce.

“if the other person will say sorry and really wanted marriage to work, Would you want to continue to try to fix it?”

The answer that I normally get is he/she will never say that.

Then tell them to think of it as a fantasy situation. Even if they say No. Then my next question always is do he/she have some good qualities? or can you name five of his/her good qualities?

The entire strategy of litigation is based upon these aforesaid 2 answers.

2. Can Mutual Divorce can happen?

Since the time of my clients is very important so I ask him/her if they are certain to divorce is there a chance of dialogue towards settlement initiated by friends/family or elder people? My advice is never to plug settlement avenues with offensive conduct. Remember the skill of a diplomat. Give the other side a face-saving exit and they will settle the matter in most of cases. The importance of mediation in family law cases is explained here

if the answer to aforesaid question number 2 is yes then a person can proceed with mutual divorce You can read about mutual divorce here.

3. How long it this entire process will take?

It can take many years. Before proceeding to begin the court will send you to the mediation. If the mediation failed then the trial will begin. Each judge will try to talk with both parties. This is time-consuming and the outcome is unpredictable.

and the most common and most difficult to answer

4. There is no God! There is no justice! Why?

It seems logical to think, but I do believe that both God and justice can be experienced more by instinct than understanding. We don’t know the roads that are certain to lead to God similarly there is no road that leads to complete justice but the traveler seeking either of these marvelous intangible and yet powerful ‘things’ but the travelers always find something worthwhile

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