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Who is the Best lawyer?

How to find the best Criminal and Defense lawyer is a question in the mind of every people but finding the best lawyer nowadays is most important for everyone’s case. As per Data from research, approximately a quarter of lawyers leave the profession within the first 7 years. Everyone wants to know who is the best lawyer in India. In fact, the best lawyer word is dynamic it keeps changing with time.

Determining who is the best lawyer is a subjective matter, as different people may have different criteria for what makes a lawyer the best. However, there are certain qualities that are commonly associated with the best lawyers:

How to find a best lawyer

Here are 18 Qualities a lawyer should have in order to become the “Best Lawyer“:-

1. Compassion for clients

Without compassion for their clients, no lawyer will ever reach their true professional potential. A lawyer’s goal should be to bring “JUSTICE FOR THEIR CLIENT”. The CEO of Amazon Said the “best advertisement is a satisfied customer themself “. The top minds in the legal field always give their 100% to their clients. Since it’s always not about the money it’s about the “JUSTICE” we bring to our society. For example, as reported by the Columbia Daily Spectator and other newspapers, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg told law students that they should try to use their degree to “make things a little better for other people”. I believe a lawyer and if not able to help society then a degree of law is of “NO USE” A lawyer who is committed to representing and helping their clients is likely to find meaning and success in their professional life.

2. Willingness to listen

Another important thing is that almost every successful lawyer has a strong ability and willingness to listen. Since clients are not aware of laws they told us stories like a common man The Best advocate has to deeply listen to the clients so that advocate can find the laws more easily that are beneficial to their clients. Effective communication is a two-way street. Too many people fail to put in the time and energy to fully understand the details that Best Advocates need to know to fully understand clients. it is really important to understand what the client is saying. When you will truly open up your ears, you will probably understand that people are giving you even more detailed information than you thought. Listening to your clients, listening to witnesses, listening to your opposing counsel, and listening to the court can be the difference between winning and losing a case. Great lawyers take in all relevant information, analyze it, and create a plan of action. So that their actions can help their clients.

3.Knowledge of the law

Everything happens in accordance with the will of the legislature. (I mean in according to law). The good thing is law is written so it’s a rigid set of rules that are enforceable in any country. The best advocate should have knowledge of all laws so that he/she can use the law that is beneficial for his/her client. Imagine that you were hurt in a truck accident on a local highway and one of your friends died there. You would probably want to turn to an experienced personal injury lawyer or an experienced advocate for a criminal case. and What if you moved before an advocate who is having no knowledge of criminal law? Let’s move to another example If you’re considering starting a startup company and want guidance on corporate formation laws, you will undoubtedly want to find an experienced business attorney here. While successful lawyers share many common traits, they may rely on a distinct body of law. . Great lawyers know their area of practice. Some advocates can have knowledge of many laws and remember the rule of 10,000 hours is never old fashioned. While Some of this knowledge comes from experience and Some of it comes from education. If you are currently pursuing your graduation in the field of law you will want to find the right law school classes that will be the most useful for you in your future practice. You can refer top 10 law colleges for the same.

5. Strong Writing ability

one of the most important things is writing Don’t be fooled by the flashy procedurals that are very popular on television movies, the majority of Best lawyers spend so much time writing than they do in oral arguments. Successful lawyers must be able to prepare as per law, effective, clear, unambiguous, and well-reasoned legal documents. If you want to take action now that will help you become a better lawyer in the future, focus on sharpening your writing skills. An advocate who can tell a compelling story to judge, that weaves in all of the relevant facts and arguments is an advocate that will be successful for a long time and later will be one of the Best lawyers.

6. Strong convincing ability

The Best advocate is not a judge. What he ultimately has to do is to convince judges in court and get judgment delivered in their favor. Imagine if you are having a lawyer/attorney that can’t convince the judge that you hadn’t committed murder or any offence. So this is one of the most important skills that the best advocate should have

7. Passion for the client.

Passion is very useful. If some attorney fights ur case as his own case then he/she will be the best advocate for you. Passion is important this makes the best advocate different from others’ advocate

8. Good communication skills

On a top fundamental level, lawyers are communicators too. They communicate everywhere. They communicate with their clients, they communicate with other parties of the case, and they communicate with the court, they communicate with police, they communicate with court staff and Beyond that, lawyers communicate in a wide range of different ways. The best lawyer knows how to get important ideas across in any form of formal legal writing, in informal emails/messages, in telephonic conversations, in private individual conversations etc. The average Indian law firm spends a considerable amount of time attracting and retaining clients. Lawyers/advocates need to know how to network with potential clients and how to demonstrate their professional capabilities in consultations with prospective clients. Remember, the best advocates in the world will not be able to use their skills until they get hired.

9.Enquiring Skills

The best lawyer or Best Advocate must have the capacity and ability to understand the topics in its deepest sense and in deepest form, in lightning speed to understand the various things simultaneously, the clients, cases, remedies, and justice he wishes to get

Not only enquiring skills but, inquiring and analyzing the appropriate provisions of laws that are being pointed out and implied in a particular case or incident, in a smoother way as if a lawyer or Advocate acquires the skill of enquiring. Without these skills, one can’t be the Best Lawyer.

10. Decision-Making Skills

Decision-making is one of the most important factors in the field of law. It’s about choosing a law that is beneficial for the client. Suppose you have committed murder ( punishable with 20 years) and your advocate with his decision-making skill makes others believe that its (‘s death by negligence).

Decision-making skills are basically the ability to make decisions out of situations and events after analyzing them, and another person can judge the lawyer or advocate through his ability to make decisions that may in future events bring the kind of stability and upgrade the personality of his client and perform accordingly with the needs of the client taking into consideration its interest.

11. Creativity

When you think about the best lawyer, creativity may not be the first thing that comes to your mind. However, contrary to the popular conceptions of most people, successful advocates are often highly creative people. I have seen lots of people just copying cases without evaluating the facts and circumstances of cases. But the law is not purely a science. There is an art to effective legal practice that needs to be kept in mind to be the best lawyer in your state. Remember, each client that an advocate deals with will have their own unique set of goals, objectives, and issues. In some cases, ‘outside-the-box’ thinking can help craft a solution that the client may never even realize was possible. Successful advocates/lawyers know how to push their creativity to suit every situation. All cases should be approached with an open mind, not just copycats.

12. Research skills

Another most important skill needed to be the best lawyer or Advocate is the ability to research in a quick manner like as electric shock, also, to be ready, the research and approach towards the same must be valid and efficient taking into consideration the legal strategies that satisfy and safeguards the interest of the clients and overall the advocate can bring justice for their clients.

13. Analytical skills

Being involved and as a part of the legal field, a lawyer/Advocate/attorney must possess the best attribute of analytical skills as if to crystallize the information received either, half or wrong. A lawyer/Advocate must be able to analyze the events by using the critical method of analyzing so that they can provide the best analysis to their clients.

14. Comprehensions skill

To understand every topic of law, and understand things in a comprehensive manner one needs to have a practice of law.


Advocates must have patience. Since court procedures are not like movies {that is completed in 3 hours} it takes years to get relief. So one needs to have patience only when something can be achieved.

16. Client care

Best advocates always focus on client care. The client’s care must be taken as a primary concern by an advocate and must be taken into consideration. Since the client is the only person who is going to arrange for the advocate and his family’s bread and butter and therefore, they must be treated with utmost respect and sincerity and what clients want must be also prioritized


It is another attitude followed by the Best advocate, to be and stay organized, keeping a routine check of overall cases/dates/ meetings so that things can be organized.

18. Emotional balanced

Apart from professionalism and ethics, a lawyer or Advocate must possess a balance of emotional balance structure, and is part of the best Advocate personality. So as to ensure the best performance made by him in a Court of Law, he could be able to attach the variety of events in the case his client It is very important to have an emotional balance, the Best Lawyer is never too happy in a win or never too sad in the loss. In short, he/she is emotionally balanced. which will help in the client’s case as a whole.


Ultimately, the best lawyer for you will depend on your individual needs and circumstances. It is important to do your research and carefully consider the qualifications and experience of different lawyers before making a decision.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How much time contested Divorce takes?

if you take the help of a good lawyer/advocate it can be decided within a period of 1 year. Since the provisions of section 21B (2) say this. It just needs to be implemented by an advocate

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5. Who is best Criminal defense attorney ?

To understand who is best criminal defense attorney near you. You all need to go through qualities of a best lawyer, so that you can make your decision after reading qualities.

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